Why Landlords Choose Us

At Colorado Springs Group Property Management, our primary goal is to provide outstanding service to both our clients and residents.

Colorado Springs Group TeamOur job is to keep the rental properties of our clients running smoothly and efficiently.  Not only do we make your life easier and your properties more profitable; we also work hard to make your Residents happy.

We are confident that we can provide the best management service for you and your property.

It’s easy to reach us!
Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM seven days a week, and we provide an after-hours emergency number for our residents.

We know the market!
We will competitively price your property and market it on hundreds of websites to reach the most qualified of applicants. We use sophisticated pricing software in addition to the MLS.

We screen tenants for you!
We view resident selection as the key to successful property management and one of our most important duties for our clients. Each prospective resident must complete our detailed application and are carefully screened for credit, background, eviction, rental and ownership references, and income qualifications.

Residents we select pay on time over 99.7% of the time!
When we select residents, we have strict criteria we go by and we do the full screen like we promise. If we just invest more time at the beginning in finding the best resident the entire process goes much smoother.

Easy monthly payment and online statements!
We use the best property management software available, Appfolio, and provide detailed monthly statements showing your income and expenses.  You are paid via direct deposit and we email monthly statements to you. Use our online Owner Portal to view statements, lease agreements and invoices.

Home maintenance made easy!
We will coordinate vendors to assist residents with any repair issues that may be necessary.  If any repair estimate exceeds our agreed upon repair limit, we will contact you for approval.

We Are Transparent!
Looking through this site you can learn more about us and how we operate with both owners and residents than you can about most property managers in a 1-hour phone call. We have hundreds of videos online for both owners and residents that go over our processes, expectations, and policies. Residents know what we are saying to owners, and owners know what we are saying to residents. Transparency builds trust.

We charge less than other property managers!
10% of gross monthly rent collected is our only fee to owners. There are no leasing fees, admin fees, inspection fees (we do 2 interior inspections per lease term), vacancy fees, marketing fees, vendor markup fees, lease renewal fees, etc.

Properties we market often rent for more!
This is what happens when you use professional photography and let potential residents meet the property manager personally before applying. Most potential residents are shocked when they find out they are talking to the actual property manager, and that adds a lot of value for them.

Need more information? Just Ask!
There are many more benefits related to our management services.  Just fill out the form to the right and enter your email address. Or give us a call at (719) 424-9919 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to working with you.


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