An important aspect and consideration in having your property managed is cost. In deciding on a pricing strategy, we understood the importance of making pricing simple and transparent. Below is a list of expenses a property owner will incur:

Monthly Management Fee – 10% of rent collected
This fee covers regular monthly management including rent collection, management of work orders, owner disbursements, financial statements, accounting documents and direct correspondence with the resident 24/7.

What We Don’t Charge
We do not charge for these common services that are often extra at other property management companies:

  • Set-Up Fee for New Accounts
  • Leasing Fee – Fee for having a tenant sign a lease
  • Lease Renewal Fee – Fee for signing a lease again with the same tenant
  • Notices – if a resident is not in compliance with the terms of their lease, we will process and deliver all legal notice as prescribed by Colorado tenant law
  • Bill Payment Fee – to pay monthly recurring bills
  • Maintenance & Repair Fee – for handling the maintenance of your property – the vendor bill is the actual price with nothing added.
  • Eviction fee – to coordinate an eviction or appear in court on your behalf – no cost to the homeowner
  • Vacancy Fee – fee charged even if the property is vacant

If you have any questions regarding the property management fees associated with managing your property, please contact us at (719) 799-3686. We do offer additional services outside of the scope of normal management services at an additional cost, please see Exhibit C.


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