Documenting appliances should be done on every property before a tenant moves in. Doing this ensures you’re getting the same appliances back at the end of the lease when the tenant moves out.

Sometimes it’s an intentional attempt at theft by replacing a good appliance with an older not so great one. Other times a tenant took it upon themselves to replace an appliance that quit working.

In either case the lease makes it clear tenants aren’t to be doing these things, and if an appliance quits working they need to contact us to either repair or replace the appliance if necessary.

Documenting should include pictures, serial numbers and model numbers. It might sound tedious but it can eliminate a dispute of “He said, She said” in front of a judge later.

We take several extra steps to prevent problems down the road with tenants. Who doesn’t like fewer problems, right? If you’re looking for a property manager in the Colorado Springs, CO area, please give us a call, text or email anytime.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on May 7, 2017
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