We go to court locally to see how laws and lease terms are applied by El Paso County. What we witness includes security deposit disputes, breach of lease, and evictions. Even though laws can be clear, how they are applied is not.

The judges and magistrates in El Paso County are wonderful people. They provide a great service for all of us. They are fair, and you’ll learn a lot by just attending and watching. These are open to the public, and have helped us quite a bit in preventing situations from going to court. No matter how confident you are, you are probably partially right. The tricky part is knowing what you don’t know.

After the proceedings, if time permits, they will answer questions you have. It’s one of the most informative experiences that benefits everyone… owners, tenants, landlords and property managers. Most situations we see in court could have been resolved without going to court.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on February 13, 2017
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