This is one of the biggest secrets in what’s happening with property management here in Colorado Springs. Some property managers are taking the easy way out in evictions. They’re simply asking the tenant to leave without paying anything further… including what is already owed.

There are several schools of though to this. What gets pitched is usually to benefit the decision being made. The bottom line is that property managers are hired for a reason… to manage a property for an owner. I’m not aware of many owners who would opt to say just let a tenant go, don’t worry about any damages or money owed.

There is nothing wrong with goodwill and showing it towards a tenants. Is it showing goodwill by allowing someone to just leave after they’ve hurt someone financially so they can get a fresh start? Tenants being evicted are adults, adults who agreed to and signed a contract called a lease. There’s a good chance simply letting a tenant off the hook is a missed learning opportunity to take responsibility as an adult who entered into a contract.

We encourage anyone interested in seeing how these things work to attend eviction proceedings in El Paso County. These are open to the public. We attend as often as we can to learn what’s really going on in our industry. It’s better than most things you can learn from a book or in a classroom.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on October 6, 2016
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