Property manager talks about eviction checks on a tenant when they apply. Not all reports will include eviction checks. Eviction checks sound great, but they only show actual evictions that have been processed.

To have an eviction filed, a tenant almost has to try to do nothing to have it show up on a report. Many property managers try to negotiate with tenants to get them to move out faster. The unpaid rent then becomes the burden of the home owner. That’s not the way we do things, we see evictions through to the end. If there are monies due, we will pursue those if they are not covered by the security deposit.

In court, it’s recommended to come to an agreement to avoid an eviction going on the tenant’s record. If an agreement is made, no eviction is processed. When a tenant applies with another property manager in the future, an eviction will not show up. The best chance of learning about it is by contacting prior landlords. Most will not discuss anything negative as part of the agreement they made to get the tenant out.

These are just things to be aware of, because running an eviction check isn’t always what it seems.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on September 14, 2016
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