Vendor markup fees occur when a property manager charges additional fees on top of the repair cost on a property they are managing. Let’s say a plumbing repair is $100, and the property manager charges a 10% vendor markup. The total bill for the repair is then $110 to the homeowner.

The Colorado Springs Group doesn’t charge vendor markup fees. When we are managing a home, we are responsible for making sure the home is maintained. If the property management fee we collect doesn’t cover managing the home and making sure it’s maintained, what is it for?

Charging a fee to manage a property and then adding more fees when there is actual work to be done isn’t really showing appreciation to your clients for sending business your way. Most homeowners we’ve met who had this happening to them were not aware it was going on. This was even though it was in their agreement.

We provide property management at a low cost to homeowners. We are able to while providing top of the line services. There are no hidden costs or hidden fees. The best way to grow a business is through referrals and we do everything we can go earn referrals from our clients.

Considering hiring a property manager to manage your rental property in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area? Please call, text or email us anytime. We look forward to answering your questions.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on July 5, 2016
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