The Property Manager for the Colorado Springs Group talks about a process that can help in screening a tenant.

Try learning about how a potential tenant is taking care of their current residence. You can be direct in asking, you can be coy by offering to drop off a blank copy of the lease, etc. The idea behind this is to see how they take care of a home they are living in.

We aren’t suggesting taking photos, being intrusive, or anything along those lines. Even driving by a house they are currently living in can provide a lot of information. Is the yard well kept, or are there cars parked on it? Remember, it might not be their responsibility to take care of the yard in that home, but you understand what we are getting at.

Most tenants will clean a house to get their whole security deposit back. How they care for the house while they are living in it is a different story because that’s wear and tear on the house.

Investing time screening tenants at the beginning saves so much hassle, time and money in the entire process of renting a home out.

Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on April 21, 2016
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