Lower Prices in Winter?

Some sellers will ask us to list their home in the Winter months. We advise them to hold off until Spring if they can. Yes, there are fewer homes on the market so there is less competition. Also, there are fewer buyers looking at homes and the ones that are looking generally think that someone needs to sell if they are allowing showings during the holidays. We get the best deals on homes we make offers on during November/December.

Lower Prices in WinterWhen we were with RE/MAX, Realtors were told to look at the number of closings in November and December to stay “motivated” and to keep sellers “motivated” during winter. The homes that close during these months are usually on the market before November. That’s what allows them to close during this time.

When we would point out to RE/MAX that the number of closings in January and February was very low we would get was silence (because that wasn’t motivating other Realtors). Think about this: If your home is going to close in January of February, you most likely listed it in November or December (unless you price it too low).

This conversation is the same thing as saying everyone always wins. Realtors make it clear it’s always a good time to buy, and always a good time to sell. That statement just isn’t true.

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Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on November 3, 2015
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