This would seem like a simple topic, but it’s very complex. One of the reasons is that not all real estate companies and/or realtors offer the same services. Another reason is what constitutes good negotiation skills… Getting everything you want, or did you ask for unrealistic things that made negotiations tough to start with? Rating real estate service is hard to do, but it is appreciated.

Rating Real Estate ServiceRatings are mostly based on knowledge, responsiveness, negotiation skills, etc. While these things are just fine none of these address how you felt the transaction was handled, for example: Were there any surprises, Was there any pressure, Were you given support, What would you change next time, How likely are you to use this realtor/company again?

Many ratings you see are fake, yes I said fake, and if they aren’t fake let’s consider how they are verified/validated… with an email address. How does a realtor have 60 reviews when they only sold 10 homes? 150 reviews and none were done locally (IP addresses tracked)?

Ratings/Reviews our company has are done by a 3rd party company that verifies sales and information before sending out surveys. We have to pay for membership and you can’t pick and choose who you let submit a review. This company requires first and last names that are cross reference with property addresses. We do this because we are confident we will do a great job, and our ratings/reviews back that up. As part of the process we are required to provide buyer and seller guarantees. What you can expect from us is clearly laid out, and if we don’t follow through on anything you are given the opportunity to enlighten others who may consider using us in the future.

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Posted by: Colorado Springs Group on July 1, 2015
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